Facing issue with Paragraph Stack

Hi, I am facing a weird issue with the Paragraph stack.

  1. When I try to change the Font Type for the Paragraph Stack using the Typeface settings on the right panel, it makes no difference to the paragraph font.

  2. Even the Font Size does not change for the Paragraph Stack if changed form the right panel.

The only time when the font type and size would change is when I change them from within the Paragraph Stack while editing the text inside the stack.

Is this a standard behaviour for the Paragraph Stack or am I missing something !!

Also is it possible to have Image Slider inside the Flux Stack ? Please advise…


You’ve likely got formatting pre-applied to the text, maybe through a copy and paste. Try starting a new Paragraph and either using RapidWeaver’s Paste as Plain Text feature or type the content by hand. I’d recommend the former option.

Then be sure that you’re only changing the formatting using these controls:

Paragraph tool settings:

Stacks inline editing:

The reason you only want to apply the highlighted controls is because Foundry controls the other elements through its own settings.

Thank you Adam. I will try this and get back if the problem still persists