Failure Exporting page

Hi there

I export my page to a folder to check it outline

The problem is that I can surf from Home page to other pages, but when I click the link to go back to home page it doesn´t and, instead it opens a new window as if it were trying to find the correct page, altoght it is in the main directory of the folder where I exported the page.


PD. (I can surf OK between all the pages when I preview in rapidweaver or in Firefox/Safari using “Comand-P”

Hi there @Sinbatm – Are you exporting to your desktop and then opening that in the browser? If so I suspect that is your problem. Try publishing it to a live server and testing there. If you continue to run into a problem after doing so, please send me a ZIP file containing your project file and I can have a look at it.

Thank you
Efectively, I´m exporting to my desktop, but that’s what I want to.
I want to access to my page from a pendrive (not needing internet) , so publishing to a live server is not the solution.

Nevertheless I think I’ve found the solution: Changing the File Name of my home page from index.html to home.html, (although I obtain the message: Changing the filename of your homepage to ‘home.html’ may prevent your site from appearing correctly online) … voila!, I can surf between all the links.

Thanks for your help