Feature Request: Bulleted List - Add space

Hi @elixirgraphics, I would love to get more space inbetween the items in the bulleted list. Any chance for either a css to do so for me or a UI add on where we can define the distance between the items in one list?

@Fuellemann I can send you something when I return home to my Mac in a weeks time but sure someone else will provide some code before then.

Ps this is well worth learning how to add a bit of padding code. You will be amazed how easy the solution will be and it can be very rewarding.


Hi, please send it nonetheless - I am always happy to learn and to improve. Thank you very much!

If, in Rapidweaver under preferences general tab, you have enabled web developer tools then preview your page, right click the bulleted list on your page and select inspect element. Make note of the class, on my page it ended up being bulleted_list

On the Html tab of inspector for that page under CSS place this:
.bulleted_list li {
padding-bottom: 20px;

Adjust the 20px to suit.


My only problem with this feature request is that it would breakup the pre-set element spacing in Foundry. I’ll add this to the issue tracker though as a possible feature request.

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Just to followup on this, the code provided bydks0035 is just what’s needed.


Thank you! And even more thanks, but this is merely due to the 20 character requirement :slight_smile: