Feature request: # code on Style Guide

Any chance of the # code being visible on the Style Guide in edit mode?

If you’re talking about the HEX values for the colors in the Style Guide, then no. There’s no way for the Style Guide stack to access the color value data, which originates in the Foundry Control Center stack. The Style Guide stack simply uses the class names that are associated with the Primary, Success, etc. styles and not the actual values. This is the way all of the stacks work – through shared CSS. Part of what makes the framework what it is. It could possibly be done using javascript, but javascript is not useable in Edit Mode whatsoever.

TL;DR: No, sorry.

May not be what you are asking, but using the colour picker and selecting the relevant style colour you can see the various slider numbers or percentages (RGB, CMYK etc) for that colour.

@Phloque You should never use the OSX colour picker to pick up a colour. There is a bad bug in OSX and once you use the picker to pick a colour, all future colours can be corrupted. The bug had been going for years. This is most noticeable when using red colours. This is the reason why every serious development tool uses their own picker to avoid the OSX one.

Th solution is to use a picker such as the SiP one to pick colours and then paste them into the OSX picker hex box.

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@SteveB If you use SiP you can create a palette with the Foundry colours and then have quicker access to those colours. This only takes less than a minute to setup and is time well spent.

I see the Style Guide being more of a colour chart reference visible at all times and is a very clever feature that is only fully appreciated after you have used it.

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So using the built-in RW/Stacks colour picker is a no-no?

Using it is fine. You just have to know that it uses the OS’s color picker which can be slightly off sometimes.

I just always find it picks the wrong colour, but for predefined colours (ie, not picked with the picker) it’s fine.

I use Sip for building colour palettes, the idea above was just to add a bit of simlicity, fair enough that it can’t be done.

That is the problem with the OSX picker. The bug is that if you use it once to pick a colour, then after that it will corrupt colours entered into the hex box. So after you use the OSX picker to read a colour it will read the colour correctly and for example if you read the red colour #C6434B and then paste #C6434B into the hex box the same value will appear. However it will look different to what it should be and if you examine the page code you will see a different colour used. This has been reported to RW but it is an OSX bug and nothing to do with RW. Also it has been requested to RMS that they add a RW picker to RW.

Depending how colour blind you are and what colours are used you may or may not notice this. I do and it drives me to despair.

Are there not other colour pickers that can be used globally, in place of the stock one?

No. The picker choice is set by the App. We are going beyond the scope of Foundry here really but the good thing is that the Style Guide will display whatever is set for the colours.

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