Feature Request: Form Pro - Additional Styling Options

Hi Adam,

I would like to submit a request to have additional styling options for Form Pro. Nothing crazy, just the option to edit field colors and the type within them. I think this would be a real benefit to all Potion Pack users with dark mode’s rise in popularity.


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This is something already on my feature request list to look at for a future update.

This won’t interface with OS X’s Dark Mode though.


Hey Adam,

Thanks for the quick response and glad to see it’s being considered for a future update.

I should clarify further what I meant by “dark mode”. I was referring to dark UI’s rising popularity in general across a variety of products. I am now starting to see it being injected into websites more and more. So when using Foundry to refresh a site to have dark UI from top to bottom I ran into a blocker with Form Pro as I could not style the fields.

Thanks again, and your focus on quality products and updates are much appreciated!