Feature Request: Justify Text in the Paragraph Stack


I like working with text and I would like to have some improvements to the paragraph stack, if possible:

  • the option to justify the text is the most important.

Nice would be:

  • Line spacing

Icing on the cake:

  • word and character spacing

Not as adavanced as the stacks from BugWhiteDuck, as these would be too complicated, but I would like to use the paragraph stack for all my texts on the sites.

What do you think?

Best regards

Jan Fuellemann

the option to justify the text is the most important

Justified text often looks very awkward when used on the internet, especially with responsive design where smaller text areas can make breaks look very odd. This was my reason for omitting it.

Line spacing
word and character spacing

These are built into Stacks already and is accessible with Foundry. Highlight your text and it will be available in the Stacks controls that come built-in to Stacks:

Thanks, I was not looking there - too obvious :slight_smile:

I still opt for the justify text - I do have sites where any other option would look odd as well. If we have this option, we can always choose to use it - but if we do not, it takes away a very neat feature for many occasions.

Best regards

Jan Fuellemann

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To avoid breaks in the text, you could support hyphenation like this: http://rapidweaver.marathia.com/stacks/Hyphenate/

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Hi, hello, I am new here. I am thankful that this is already a topic. I also highlighted and spaced the text as shown in the sreenshot. It works in the editing mode, but not in the preview. Neither in the browser view. Did I do anything wrong? Or did I maybe forget some presettings?

Thank you for your help, Onno

Did you paste the text into RW from another application? That’s typically what causes changes to font color, spacing, etc. to not display as expected.

This happens because when you copy the text, you also copy a lot of hidden formatting code. This hidden code overrides what you set in RW. It also will not display consistently from different devices.

First, highlight the text in RW and from the Format menu select “Clear Formatting”. This will likely correct your issue.

In the future, it’s best to get into the habit of using the “Paste as Plain Text” command from the edit menu when you paste text from other applications into RW.

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Dear DLH, thank you so much for your answer!! It helped a lot.

Sorry for my late response. I already responded, but I think I deleted it somehow…