Feature Request: Mega Modal - Additional Styling Options

Hi Adam,

I would like to submit a request to have additional styling options for the Mega Modal stack in Thunder Pack. Would it be possible to add the following at some point in the future?

  1. Outline button styling for the trigger button
  2. A max width setting for content displaying within the modal (like the banner stack)


I’ll look at it for a future update. Right now I’m pretty deep into a project, and just released an update for Thunder today.

Update to Thunder v1.0.2. :wink:


Awesome, thank you! The button styling is totally a nice to have, so no rush! Loving the new stuff in Thunder!

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No problem. Glad you’re enjoying the new goodies!

Since it’s been a while since this has been asked… I have the same question regarding the button styling for the trigger button. Would be very useful considering I want to have the same style for every button on my website which is now impossible.

Hi @djb902 – what style button are you unable to achieve currently? I’m in the process of getting Foundry v2 ready for release but after it has been out a couple of weeks I’ll be digging into updates for other products.

the trigger button to open the mega modal. Currently it has only one basic color (and a hover) yet all my other buttons are with a gradient like the standard buttons.

It’ll be something to look at further in a future update. As I mentioned I’m working on getting v2 out the door tomorrow. There’ll be time for other stack updates after that has happened and things have hopefully settled down.