Feature request: Reveal - Flash letters

Hi. I would love to have letters inside a Header to flash one after another. Header Pro from BWD offers this in the animate child stack, but this clashes with Foundry when I use the backdrop stack from Foundry on the same page.

But since I love to use the reveal stack - will it be possible to add such a feature?




How does HeaderPro clash exactly with Backdrop?

There is also Typer from BWD.

In my case all letters were surrounded by a block and this block flashed instead of the letters. But only if I have been using backdrop on the same page.

If you post a simple demo file here I may be able to have a look at it for you.

Hi there @Fuellemann

That isn’t an effect that would go into Reveal unfortunately. While Reveal is an animation stack it does not concentrate on breaking down text in that way in order to animate each character. That would be something more for a stack targeted specifically at doing that particular task.

I can add such a stack to my list of stack ideas, but it will fall more toward the end of that long list right now because I have several stacks in development, which means you’re probably better hunting down a stack that does this for you currently if you need it any time soon.


Thank you, I will look - and switch to your solution if it might be available. Thanks again!