Feedback, please. Because this time, it's personal

Hi there. As you may know, I am building websites for friends and small businessmen. Finally I was able to redo my own website. Please be aware this site is in german, but you may have some feedback for me nevertheless.

Please have a look at: Einfach Gute Seiten and tell me, what you think.
And yes, it is of course done using Foundry.

Thank you,


I think it’s excellent. Beautifully laid out. Very professional as well as engaging.

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Great job and I particularly like the professional photos.

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Looks really great Jan.

Only comments would be that the parallax effect seems a little jerky when scrolling. And I would get rid of the foundry Divider lines - they look a bit odd on the patterned background.

Thanks, I got rid of the divider lines :slight_smile:

Excellent - love the way it all flows! Great photos.

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Modern, clean and intuitive design. But i would expect to learn more about the head behind “”. I assume it is you on the first photo, right?


Thanks, yes it is. So will I add an about section…