Filter cards in a deck stack?

Is there a way to filter cards in a deck ? There are several filter stacks available but I can’t make them work with the card deck stack.

Filtering within the Card Deck is not a feature of the stack. That is a much more complex thing than you might think. That being said, you can use YabDab’s Filter stack and insert Card stacks within it. Filter is a great stack that I use on some of my theme preview sites, like this one.

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thanks. But if I wanna use the Filter Stack, I can no longer use the Deck stack ?

Correct, but you would not need the Card Deck if you’re using the Filter stack in this way.

I used the filter stack now and it works fine except that there is a padding problem when I load the page. When I use one of the filter buttons, everything works fine again.

Any idea ?

this is the page :

That spacing is handled by the Filter stack. You’d need to talk to Yabdab about that.