First Blog is online :-)

Thanks to the easy setup and excellent documentation, my fist blog-page is up in no time at all. Right now with one entry only, but that is going to change:

Thanks for all your help!


And look at that nice OpenGraph / Twitter Card meta data being displayed here in the forum. :wink: :wink:


That’s a very smart looking page Jan.
And Adam/Jan, what is that “OpenGraph/Twitter Card meta data” - how is it done?

It is totally handled by Alloy. You don’t have to do anything. It is just some meta data added to the page so that some services, sites, etc. can display nice cards like above based off of a link.

For instance this is a link to one of the example blog posts on one of the example Alloy blogs…

All I did was paste in a link to the post, and Discourse (the forum software) creates a nice “card” based off that OpenGraph data that Alloy has created. :slight_smile:

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