First Foundry (template) site

This isn’t a live site as such, the way I use Rapidweaver is to build templates, that clients then use (with some customisation) for their own sites. It enables me to build one “template”, then sell it to many.

This is my first with Foundry, and I have to say, it’s been a joy. I decided to give Foundry a go as I wanted to simplify my sites, and it worked a treat. Gone are all the fancy gimmicks, it’s now about the content, as it should be. Barring a few of Webdeers stacks, it’s all Foundry.

The content on the site is just for demo and not complete, but the design, barring typos and small adjustments, is more or less done.


Steve, in general I like the look.

A few things jumped out at me:

I think I’d prefer if the top bar with the site name and search bar to scroll out of view and the actual menu bar from below the header image to stick to the top. I’m not sure how many people use the search, but I think the nav buttons are more useful and better to keep in view than the search bar.

In the sections with the bikes shown for “latest deals” and “latest Clearance”, I’d reverse the background colors to match them to the button colors in the sidebar. They are reversed; “Special Offers” should match “latest deals”, and “Clearance” should match “latest Clearance”. I’d also lowercase “Clearance” in the section header (or uppercase “deals”).

In the footer, the store times tend to wrap to two lines depending on screen width.

Good call on the colours not matching in the sections and buttons, hadn’t spotted that!