First Project-Comments Appreciated

As the world’s smallest book publisher and a new web site builder, I am humbly putting up here my first “published” effort using Foundry. Constructive comments will be greatly appreciated-please be “gentle” as I am on a steep learning curve.

Books on Creating Understanding owner, publisher, and website builder


Please forgive me for not replying earlier. I wanted to see if there were other comments and I am a “part-time” web designer/builder (as one can tell by my first project), so don’t monitor responses as quickly as I should.

I have “fought” with myself about the color scheme and the fonts I have chosen. I do have a tendency to like maroon and navy blue for background colors, but don’t have the experience to know what colors to use for text relying on black or white primarily depending on how dark the background chosen. Having said that, I also am aware that some fonts will appear easier to read on a screen than others. So, suggestions will be greatly appreciated and I will more closely monitor any comments you make.

Thanks again for reviewing my project.

Well, the silence is deafening! But I do see that my project has had a number of views. Thanks for those.

Neil, I have taken your wise counsel and changed some of the colors as well as changed a few words that “soften” the “sell.” As per my first post, your constructive comments are appreciated.

And thanks to “The Foundry.” I am liking this great tool more and more!

Rex, first of all: congratulations for finishing your homepage!

if you aim to improve it, check the following:

  • don´t mess up your fonts (stay with sans serif or serif for your body texts)
  • insert some margin or padding between the elements (headlines, images, body text…)
  • try choosing a tiny bit of color for the text which is placed on dark background – the contrast is too hard when you use white for the text
  • when using “boxes” arround texts, insert some padding as well to generate some white space arround the text
  • check for consistency: borders, colors, fonts shouldn´t vary very much unless you have a good reason to change the default style
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Thanks Papart for your constructive comments. Particularly to use “offcolor” white text. The padding is there, apparently not enough, so I’ll do some more work on that. Also will review the fonts and colors to remove inconsistency.