First time user Orbit 2


I am a first time user and try to make a slide. Searching on Youtube I cannot find “how to” for the version I have got (Orbit-2). Also I have just bought the latest version of Stacks.

Making a new slide I do only succeed to get list of photo’s but not in a slide. Is there a site that tells me how to set my first steps with Orbit-2?

Rudolph Smits

Did you view the tutorial videos on Elixir’s documentation page for Orbit v2?

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The support for how to use any Elixir stack, or the Foundry framework, is fantastic. @DLH gave you the specific link to Orbit, but if you have questions beyond Orbit you can find support for all Elixir products here:



I think that’s what I am looking for. Thanks for responding so quickly!

Rudolph Smits