Flat Button 2 : pb with iPhone in portrait mode

I have just downloaded Flat button 2 and tested it on my site. Links don’t work in portrait mode with iphone. I had the same issue with Flat button 1. Do you know the source of this issue.
I send you the link of the website : https://www.valeur-immobiliere.fr (you could remove the link after)
best regards

It isn’t the button that isn’t working but instead looks like something on your page is overlaying the button. Even though you can see the button through it, the element overlaps it and makes it impossible to tap on the button. Place the button some place further down on the page, or just making a simple test page with just the button on it, and the publish and test on the phone.

You are right !!. Thank you it’s solved. Sorry

Not a problem at all. Glad you got it sorted! :grinning:

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