Flat Button2 Chrome problem

HI - I cannot see my new red buttons in Chrome on iPhone13. I see just blue button text in portrait mode and the desktop button in landscape mode. The buttons display properly in Safari browser. They are placed under the elf pic on my home page.

Thanks for your thoughts!

I don’t use Chrome on my iPhone, but I just downloaded it and pulled up your website. I can see two red buttons on the home page just under the Happy Holidays graphic in portrait and a single button in landscape. My guess is that Chrome is caching the older page content. Eventually it should update it’s cache. You can also manually clear your cache. Look under “History” in the app.

You also have a number of errors on the website. There is one mixed content error and a number of missing images. You can see these error in the developer console of any desktop browser.

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Thanks for your reply. I have been deleting the cache. Just wondering what the heck is going on as I can see OK in Safari.

Buttons all look correct here in Chrome as well:

Thanks so much, yes all buttons look good on desktop. I would guess it is a cacheing issue in my mobile Chrome (even though I am clearing the cache) because you can see the two buttons correctly on your iPhone. Thanks again for your time and quick support! Happy holidays!

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