Flip Stack and Nav Bar Pro

Hi Adam,

I have a problem on a site withe the Flip Stack, which is Scrolling Over the Menu Bar (I am using the Nav Bar Pro):


User: Simona
Password: vertrieb2020

Can you help me? I suppose, I do something wrong by the setting…

Thank you in Advance!


Hi there Patrick – I’m not seeing a Flip stack on the page you linked to unfortunately. Can you do me a quick favor and point me to the specific page with the Flip stack on it? Also, add a quick screenshot here that shows the problem for me as well so I can see what you’re seeing. And one last thing – what browser are you using and what version of that browser? Is it only happening in that specific browser or all browsers?

… sorry, hier is the link:


It happens with every browser: Safari @OS Big Sur (latest Beta), actually version from Chrome @Mac and Windows 10

Increase the z-index in the Navigation Bar Pro stack from 900 to something higher.

CleanShot 2020-09-18 at 11.50.51

Try 1100 and see how that works.

Adam, you are my hero :slight_smile: - now it works absolutely well. Thank you so much!

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Hi Adam,
I’m working on this Site right now for Patrick. The Problem that Patrick mentioned above is solved and works perfectly now.
Howerver there is a new similar Problem occuring on this site. The flip element in the “Geschäftskunden” tab kind of overflows the footer. Once I click on the blue cross to flip the element it works fine and the footer is placed below it. Also when I resize the browser-window the elements rearrange and the problem disappears.
Here is a screenshot to show what I mean:

Can you help us with this problem as well?

Thank you very much in advance.
Kind Regards, Yannis

It looks like you might have the Flip stack inside of a Tabs stack? That probably isn’t going to work if that is the case. You’ve putting a few things together that need to “see” the page during page load to determine the area they have available to them, and when they’re in something like a tab or accordion they can’t do it. If I’m wrong by looking at your screenshot there feel free to send me your project file and I’ll take a look.

Yes exactly, we do have the Flip stack inside of a Tab stack. I will work out a new solution then.

Thank you very much for your answer.

Regards, Yannis

Let me know if that fixes your problem.

Just ran into the same issue (flip scrolls over the “sticky” nav bar pro).

Ran a search and found this (glad the search takes two search words BTW).

Haven’t tried the Z order thing, as I was having other issues getting it to format the way I wanted and scratched that for a button triggered Modal, which is working fine and takes up less space on the page (it’s just to show a graphic with the product dimensions).

However it may not be a bad idea to put a note to that effect on the flip documentation page (i.e. if using with Nav Bar Pro set the Z order to 1100).