FLIP Stack Scrolling Over Navbar

I’m finding that when I use the FLIP stack (great stack BTW) that when scrolling it will go above the sticky navbar on my site.

I notice it does not do this on the demo site for the Thunder Pack, so what might I be doing wrong?

Hard to know without a way to look at it, unfortunately. If you’d like to send me a ZIP file that contains your project file I can have a look at it in the morning when I’m back in the office. When you send said project file be sure to point me to the page in question.

Sent you a link to the project file on Dropbox, to your email address, thanks

The reason you’re seeing something different is that you’re using Mega Menu and I’m using the Navigation Bar on the Foundry site. That said, Mega Menu should work as well. Seems I overshot the z-index for Flip by 1 so it sits on top of the Mega Menu. I’ll adjust this in an update.


Awesome, Adam! I should have mentioned that I was using the Mega Menu.

Look forward to the update, thanks!