Flux: Setting "Space Around" and "Space Between" not working?

While playing around with flux and following the video tutorial (honestly, the tutorials alone are worth the money!), I can’t get the settings “Space Around” and “Space Between” working.

“Space Around” centers the elements, “Space Between” places the elements on the top. Pretty sure I miss something fundamental.

(Demo-page here)

Are the Image/Header/Paragraph/Social Badges stacks together in a container (or 1-column), or are they separate?

Two stacks, 1 Column and Social Badges, didn’t work also with four separate stacks.

If no-one else has the issue, it must be a setting on my side :see_no_evil:

Try it with just the Image and the Social Badges, no container/column. It’s working for me here, so happy to compare settings (although no doubt Adam will be along shortly with an instant answer!)

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Here’s my Flux parent settings:

And the Normal Item child settings:

That’s odd. Mine look like the same, except a different background image, a different padding and you’ve set a minimum height, but it didn’t make any difference.

OK, so I have 0 (zero) padding or margin on any of the content stacks (Image, Header, Paragraph, Social Badges), and they’re all moving around as expected when I change the justification setting.

I found it.
It was of course something stupid: I didn’t turn off “Overflow Scroll” on the item :see_no_evil:

Thanks @jacksona for your support.

Awesome! Glad you found it and happy to help :+1:

Flux is SO powerful, but also pretty complex - there’s bound to be a lot of facepalms over the next few days… :joy:

Saw this post over breakfast, but you all had it completely sorted before I could make it to my desk to start my work day. Very nice. :smiley:

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