Flux with Foundry 3?

Is there an equivalent to Flux in F3?
Haven’t looked at starter kits, but is there something in there?

Flux is a stand alone Stack. It works great in F3. That being said, the columns/grid tool included with F3 is a css grid lite. It is very versatile and has several of the features of Flux. If you want more complex layouts I suggest Flux. I have mixed it in on a web page with F3. The Container tool also utilizes css grid a very basic level. Watch the getting started videos here to see the Container tool in action.


Great news Steve that Flux (which I already have) works with F3. Appreciate your info re columns and Container tools, but if Flux works fine, all good.
All the best.


Back again. So despite the warnings on the stack when I apply it to a F3 project that Flux for Foundry 2 isn’t compatible with F3, it seems to work OK. Is that your experience?

What warning are you seeing when adding Flux to a F3 page?

To be clear, Flux is not part of nor for Foundry 2. It is a stand-along stack by the same developer as Foundry 2/3. It’s a CSS Grid stack and it should be fine with any framework, F3 included.


Share a screenshot of the warning and the stack on your page.

I was getting the warnings when copy/pasting sample flux stack from flux small samples project which came with stack.
But after reading your replies I started from scratch by placing flux stack on a page - no warnings so all good.
Really appreciate the feedback.

Ah, that makes sense. The sample you copied likely had F2 stacks in it. The warnings were for the F2 stacks and not Flux.


Yes DLH they would have been F2 stacks.
Good point.
Well spotted

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