Focus Stack / Link only?

I have just seen the focus stack description and samples. Does ist support a link only feature like the slidestack of Foundry? Then I could use it very well.

Thank you


No, it is only a button. The reason being is that the button is actually the modal overlay. The morph animation isn’t just for show, it is the act of the button turning into the actual overlay’s background.

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Still a great stack :slight_smile: Thanks

Hi Adam,
I want to use the Focus Stack with Joe Workmans Call to Action Stack
Whats the neatest way to hide the button, so that the Modal is called on page exit only

Hey there @MimUK – The Call to Action stack would need to handle that functionality. The Focus stack was designed as a button that literally morphs itself into a modal overlay. That is all it is designed to do.

The stack you mention is contorting the Focus stack’s functionality it for its own uses, so it would have to be what is responsible for hiding the button. Sorry. You can hit up Joe Workman’s support desk though over on Joe’s site. I’m sure that they can assist with their Call to Action stack for you.

No problem. I worked it out.
If anyone else wants to know how to accomplish this.
Just drop the focus stack in Joe Workmans free static height stack and set at 0px


Am I able to view the site? I would like to see it in action. Thank you.

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Yes, me too, please!

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I was just experimenting so not being used currently, but I have just published a demo page using the call2action, a focus stack and static height at 0px

Set to run on mouse leave top (once per session).