Focus stack with Ecwid

Hello. I’m using the Focus stack on some of my pages with Ecwid online store. It’s working really well, but I have just one layout problem and I’m hoping it’s a simple CSS solution that I just can’t find. Since it’s much easier to see, I will put a link to one of the pages. Click the green Buy Now, select any size and color, click Buy Now, then click Checkout. There you should see my problem. All I need is for the page to scroll I think. As always, thanks for any help.

I did not see a problem when I did that. If you can point it out using video, screenshots, etc – whatever you need to do to show us the problem – it would be most helpful. We can’t be sure that we’re seeing what you are unless you show us specifically. :slight_smile:

So I checked a little more after your reply, and it all scrolls perfectly on mobile devices, but on my laptop the top of the shopping cart is cut off and the cart won’t scroll.

On the first page it isn’t too bad, but as you progress through checkout it’s hard to see what you’re buying anymore by the end. Doesn’t instill a lot of confidence in someone ready to plunk down a few grand on a giant flying napkin. :slight_smile:
I had found an old forum thread on the Ecwid site from someone with a similar modal issue (didn’t say what modal they used) and Ecwid found a snippet of code on their site that was keeping the window a fixed size:

html, body {
height: 100%;
overflow: hidden;

I thought something like this might be the issue, but I’m not all that savvy with coding and I couldn’t find it on my own.

Hope this helps! Thank you thank you!

Hmmm, seems to scroll OK here for me: 2019-02-21 09.34.32.gif • Droplr

That said, you’re basically putting a modal inside of a modal. This probably isn’t the best choice to be honest for both the user and for the way the code works for your cart.

Hmm is right. Well, I’ll keep playing around with different options.

Yeah you’re right about not being the best way to do it, and Focus was actually the only thing that did work. I tried simplifying things, but it seemed like the more I did away with, the worse things worked. That’s on Ecwid’s end, tho. Just need to spend some more time and restructure.

Thanks for the instant help, as always!