Folder and File Structure?

It has been a long while since we built a website. We would appreciate up to date, best practices for Folder and File Structure, and naming. I’m also unclear about the use of “slashes” before folder names; when to and not to us them.

Below is our page layout; how would you structure, nest, and name our folders and files.

  1. Home
  2. BBQ tips and Tricks
  3. BBQ tips and Tricks - BLOG
  4. BBQ tips and Tricks - Editor
  5. Recipe Box
  6. Recipe Box - BLOG
  7. Recipe Box - Editor
  8. Reviews
  9. Reviews - BLOGS
  10. Reviews - Editor


The Editor cannot be nested. It needs to be in the top level of the site. Just exclude it from the navigation.Just name each editor page differently for the corresponding blog.

Remember, whatever you name a page is what will be seen in the navigation depending on the nav solution you use. I would keep page names as brief as possible.

I’m also unclear about the use of “slashes” before folder names; when to and not to us them.

No slashes needed. Rapidweaver gets grumpy when you do that. They are not necessary.

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Can a blog page be nested? It would not be nested with its editor page.

So, there are really three things tied together here. First you have the page name shown in the left-side inspector. This is what’s shown in the navigation.

Then you have the folder and filename in the general settings of the right-hand inspector. This becomes the file structure on the server and also what makes up the url.

It’s best to use unique folder names and leave the filename as index.html (or php, depending on stacks used). Use only lowercase letters and do not use special characters or spaces. Instead of spaces use either a dash - or underscore_. Finally, make sure tidy website links is enabled in the projects advanced settings.

You do not need to use slashes in the folder names. If you nest any pages in the left-side page inspector, the folder name of those pages will be a subfolder of their parent pages.

Here’s a generic example:

Page – folder name [url]

Home -- (blank) []
About Us -- about-us []
  History -- history []
  Technical Capabilities -- technical-capabilities []
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