Font size in Navigation Overlay

Sorry for the naive question … How do I control the font size of the site title in navigation overlay? I tried to change the H1 but that didn’t work. I activated use override font, to no avail? Thank you in advance

Good morning @danajohn

Navigation Overlay uses Bootstrap’s Display sizing for the Branding within the Navigation Overlay. You should see a drop down labeled Display. You can choose from Display 1, Display 2, Display 3 or Display 4. These are the four variations for the branding sizing in Navigation Overlay.

Thank you @elixirgraphics!

Sorry one more question. The display handles the site title what controls the the individual page fonts, home page, page one page two etc.?

The navigation items are a fixed size. I’ll look at this as a feature request for a future update.

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Thank you. That would be a nice option but I still intend to use the stack, it has a nice feel to this project.