FontAwesome/Bootstrap Icon Issue

Hello again,

I am trying to program an icon from FontAwesome v5.15.4 from the Foundry 3 Icons Stack. I am doing something wrong but I don’t know what it is.

<i class="bi bi-moon-stars-fill"></I>

This is the class I am using but it’s not working.

Am I correct to place this code into the “CSS Classes:” field at the bottom?

Image 3-17-23 at 10.02 PM

Image 3-17-23 at 10.04 PM

The blue box is the output.

Foundry 3 only includes FontAwesome 5.

My mistake. It’s a FontAwesome 5 icon. Version v5.15.4 to be exact.

I’m pretty sure Stacks only includes the free version of FA5. It looks like the icon you’re trying to use is in the “pro” set. I rarely use FA, and it has grown so massive with tons of icons divided into a number of different versions (4/5/6) and sub-versions (free vs pro) that it’s hard to follow.

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So are we limited on Bootstrap Icons? Or will Foundry 3 use any Bootstrap icon? Because I’m having problems with the Bootstrap icons.

Hi you can choose in the control center which icon set to use. There, you can select FontAwesome to be loaded.

Delete the bootstrap one if it is already shown:

Then add the Fontawsome one:

This is not how, or where you’d place your custom icons. The icon HTML you’ve copied would go in your content. Try for instance a Paragraph or HTML tool as an example.

Also the code you pasted in for a Bootstrap icon, but you’re asking about FontAwesome, which has different code. You’ll need to decide which you want to use and select the appropriate library as pointed out by @Fuellemann above.

After deciding on the library you then would get the appropriate code or use the Icons tool for your icon.