For the Tabs stack is there a video or documenation on it?

As I search for how to use it I only find help with how to use the vertical tabs stack.

Documentation for Tabs is with all of the other Foundry documentation. You can find the Tabs documentation here: Tabs Documentation

The information on the page looks like it is mostly about styles the tabs. What I was trying to figure out is how to link a tab to it’s corresponding content. With vertical tabs you can add both a section and a tab. It automatically adds a number to the tab to see what tab goes with what section. With tabs I just see the area for adding the tab.

You’re over thinking it. This stack is pretty straight forward. You don’t have to link anything. Each child stack is self contained. The Tab Title is added in the settings and the content for that tab is dropped into the drop zone:

Oh weird I wasn’t getting the drop zones. As you can see in the screen shot of this Tabs stack I made probably half a year ago it just has the name of the tabs. I put a new tab stack below it and the drop zones showed up. I don’t know if that is a bug since I don’t think there would be a setting to disable drop-zones?

Update: never mind I just figured out the tab sections were collapsed. I wish there was a way to indicate that it was collapsed other then the little checkbox at the bottom of the sidebar. Some kind of visual cue. I don’t think there is a collapse mode with the vertical tab is it was confusing what was happening.

Perhaps put “Collapsed” in parentheses at the top of the Tab section. When I didn’t see the drop-zones I kept clicking on the tabs thinking the entry fields in the sidebar would help but there are just options for adjusting the title.

Glad to hear you figured it out and that is was as simple as you having toggled off the content visibility for the tabs.

I think the reason this was different then the collapse mode in Mega Menu is that when that stack is collapsed it doesn’t show you anything other then the Mega Menu title when you are in edit mode. Mega Menu makes it very obvious that you are in collapse mode. That would be an okay solution too.

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