Form and Norwegian characters

After changing to F3, I do not receive form with Norwegian characters like: æ, ø, å

Skjermbilde 2023-02-16 kl. 09.30.42

Hi, which font do you use? Does this font support these characters?


Control Center:
Skjermbilde 2023-02-16 kl. 13.59.47

Skjermbilde 2023-02-16 kl. 13.56.54

Skjermbilde 2023-02-16 kl. 13.57.52

Thanks. Just for a test, add the Typeface stack, select “Standard Font” assign this to Typeface 1 and select Typeface 1 in the Font Family selection from your screenshot. Does this work?

Still the same problem

Then we do need @elixirgraphics :slight_smile:

Are you referring to on the page or in the email you receive?

The email I receive. When I receive the submitted form, the Norwegian letters æ ø å are not displayed correctly

The font choice will have no effect on this. The font choice is for altering the display of the form on the page itself.

Send me an email and I will provide you a test copy of the Form tool for you to try out.

Looks like some character encoding for the sent email was missing. This change will be implemented in the next update.


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