Form in Modal not showing properly when in Sticky Content

I have Form stack in the Modal Stack and it Previews just fine - a white Form against the dimmed out page background.
But when I put it inside Sticky Content the Form window is so dimmed/greyed out as to be virtually unreadable.
I have tried different style colours for the Sticky content but problem remains.
As always, any help would be appreciated.

@Phloque: I’ll give this a look. It is likely because you’re combining a lot of different elements that are using different z-index values for layering elements on the page.

So, that is the problem. The Sticky Content stack has a z-index of 1030. The Modal backdrop has a z-index of 1040, so it is getting overlaid on top of the Sticky Content stack. This includes any content in the Sticky Content stack, like the Modal Box itself. So in brief that means the Modal Box itself is getting placed within the z-idex of 1030, instead of being up above the backdrop, which is 1040.

I’ll look and see if there’s anyway around this without re-writing the way Bootstrap handles its z-indexes. This is definitely outside of what these elements were designed to be used for.

Addendum: I could lower the Modal backdrop’s z-index, but this would result in the Sticky Content being on top of the Modal backdrop, in addition to the Modal box. Not ideal.

@Phloque: I think I might have a fix for this. Will include it in the next beta update, which I hope to send to testers today.

Thanks for your efforts with this Adam.
Its just that for me sticky content is a great place for contact details including Form and Modal is a great way to display forms.
Having all this at the bottom of the screen as you scroll down a page - especially as I like using Glide - is a very useful thing.
I presume you think this is something worth doing, or you wouldn’t be gong to the trouble.

All the best.

I can see its benefits. I’ve never been one to use a sticky footer myself, but I can see its appeal. If all pans out with the beta testing it will be fixed in the next update.

Thanks for the Foundry Update Adam. I am very pleased with the result now I can display Modal content in the sticky content area.

Awesome! Glad you’re liking it and that I could get that fix in there. I’ll go ahead mark this thread as solved. :slight_smile: