Form just shows up as code in browser

Hi All,

First post here — I’m in trouble. Using RW8, Foundry & MAMP.

Managed to set up 3 pages of my new website and they work perfectly and look good in all browsers and sizes. I set up a new “contact” page with Foundry’s Form stack but when I upload the site to MAMP, all I see for the “contact” page in the browser is code. Looks fine in Preview.

Thanks in advance.

I’m not sure of your MAMP setup or if it is working properly, but the Form page will require PHP, as you know. It sounds like something is up with your setup to me though. If you want to send me your project I can publish a test to my server. Or you can upload a test of your own to your server.

Thanks for getting back so quickly, Adam. Sorry to sound really stupid, I’m new to all this wonderful RW forum world, but how do I send you my project? Or how do I upload a test to my server?

You can share a ZIP file with me either via a direct message or an email (adam at elixirgraphics dot com). It the ZIP file is big you will need to share it via something like DropBox.

As for…

You can publish via RW or export your site and upload it via FTP. This is something that is up to you to decide and accomplish though.

Thanks Adam,

Sorry! Idiot that I obviously am, I misunderstood what you meant by upload a test of my own. Doh!

That is what I will do first. Thanks so much for your time, help and patience. Much appreciated.


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You’re no idiot! I have misunderstandings like that all day, every day. It is really no problem. Let me know how goes.

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Hi Adam

Uploaded the barebones of the site to the server and all is working well on all browsers. Apart from the ‘gallery’ page, which is making my hair fall out!

Thanks for your help.


Good to hear. I suspect your problem was coming from something odd or not configured correctly in your MAMP setup.

Have you thought about using the Gallery stack that comes as a part of Foundry instead?

Have you thought about using the Gallery stack that comes as a part of Foundry instead?

I tried it but could find no way to use a thumbnail to open a folder of 8-11 images in the slider. I have all the images in a folder on the server. Any suggestions?

Yeah, that’s definitely not something the Gallery stack is designed for. Best suggestion would be to hit up the Community site for a stack that does that or get in touch with the developer of the one you’re trying to use and get them to help with that one.

That’s a shame, I’m sure I can’t be the only one who would find this feature extremely useful. ProGallery 2 (which I’m using) doesn’t allow for ‘alt image text’ or descriptions so it’s all getting a bit frustrating.

Thanks for your help though. Much appreciated.

That would be a much more complex sort of stack. Something more specialized like Nick Cate’s Photo stack might be what you want.

Thanks for the suggestion, Adam. Nick Cate’s Photo stack looks to be just what I’m after. Just checking with him that it works with Foundry — I’ve already bought two gallery stacks that are not up to the job and I really don’t want to waste any more of my money.

I use it with Foundry at

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Brilliant! Thanks @Fuellemann. Just what I am looking for. Thanks for the confirmation it works with Foundry.:grin::grin::grin:

Nice site, by the way.

Muchos graçias.


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@Fuellemann @elixirgraphics

You’ve saved my sanity!:joy:

[quote=“elixirgraphics, post:12, topic:1626”]
Nick Cate’s Photo stack
[/quote] works straight out of the box and looks beautiful.

Thanks so much. Visit in a few hours to see the result. There’s a lot more to be added in the coming weeks.

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