Form Pro and Focus / SideSlide

Hi, when using Form Pro in a Focus stack OR an SideSlide stack, the modal window closes as soon as I hit “Submit”, so the user can not even see the success message. Is there a way to prevent this close action of the Focus or SideSlide window. Form Pro is not useable this way…

@elixirgraphics I know there are more pressing issues and I have revert to setting up a dedicated page to use the Form Pro. But it would be nice to know if this is solveable and if I can plan on using the Focus stack/ SlideStack together with Form Pro in general. Perhaps you have some time in the coming weeks to look into.



I can look into this, but when you send the form it reloads the page, so it is unlikely there will be a good solution to achieve what you’re looking to do. You’d need something much more complex, and possibly hand coded, to pull off what you’re looking to do.

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I see, good to know. So I can use the Slide and Focus for other means. Thank you.

Hi @Fuellemann,

You could use Formloom it is Ajax enabled I believe, that way the page is not refreshed.

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