Form Pro and SMTP

Hello. My hosting service is shared and does not allow PHP mail function to use mail(). They said I must use SMTP.

Any way to do this with Form Pro?

Form Pro does not use SMTP for sending emails. It is on the list for possible future features but at this time it does not use SMTP.

That’s unfortunate for my immediate needs, but I look forward to the possible future update. Thanks for the quick response.

@elixirgraphics What is the status of SMTP support? I also have to use SMTP, and it is starting to become a requirement for all ISPs.

Hi @mrTablet – Looks like you’re replying to a 10 month old forum post. Please have a look at the Form Pro documentation page.

The Potion Pack release notes show this as having been added in June of 2020.

OK. I will look in to that post. Thx.