Form Pro broken styles

Made new small site with Foundry. For some reason Contact page with Form Pro has broken styles (or no styles). → Ota yhteyttä I Turun talousalue ja Helsinki I LVI-Työt

Can anyone point me to right direction?

I Suspect it is server side issue.
What is php version required for Form Pro?

I have not used this hosting company for RW before.

Also, first time using Joe’s SEO Helper stack with Foundry.
Could that affect contact Form Pro?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I don’t know if it’s the cause of the problem, but you are getting some errors on that page. Maybe a republish all files will help?

Thank you! I will look into lost resources. Though, I did re-upload already.

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Could host’s server cache cause the isue?

Zoner’s webhosts use an Nginx proxy server, which directs requests from the sites to the actual Apache-based webhosting server as needed.

I’m afraid that’s a question above my pay grade. Perhaps @teefers Doug might be able to help - he’s pretty knowledgeable about server stuff.

Nginx probably isn’t really being used as a “proxy” server, but more of a “load balancer” or a traffic cop. It’s often used that way on shared hosting environments.

So I doubt it’s causing you any issues and to my knowledge, it doesn’t cache anything.

I’m on an iPad right now so have limited tools, but looking at the error messages that @David posted, you have a bunch of errors on files not found.
Even if you had something caching in between you and the host, a real proxy server, it shouldn’t give you a not found (404), as proxies will go to the source if they don’t find something.

I’d check your publishing settings and republish all files. If the errors persist then check the files on the host with its file manager or an FTP app like transmit or FileZilla.


Thanks @teefers !

I took your advice and used Transmit FTP but it didn’t help either. :thinking:

I put same questions to Realmac forum as well.

I had a chance to take a look at your site.

I noticed on the not founds (404) that you get that they have an unusual URL name in them?
Not sure where the name is coming from, but for example, you have a CSS file with a URL of:

That just doesn’t look right. RapidWeaver normally references stacks pages CSS with the same folder, followed by the word file and then the filename. This page doesn’t seem to generate links the normal way. The folder name isn’t there, and it has replaced the files with index_files. I don’t know where this came from.

Was this generated as part of the same project file?

A more typical stacks page CSS reference would look like this:
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Hi @teefers ,
thank you for looking into it.

I re-purposed project file from last year. Though I did change form and basically contact page is made from scratch. Do you have an idea if Joe Workmans SEO Helper stack could cause issue with form?

Should I take this to Real Mac to check through?

Thanks for help

I don’t know, I don’t have SEO helper so I don’t know what exactly it does or doesn’t do. My suggestion would be to remove it for now and see if it clears up the problem.

Not sure what you mean here. Was there a reason for re-purposing?

Might want to try starting with a new project file as something might be “leftover” from the old project.