Form Pro Feature Request - BCC option

Hi Adam,

Was wondering if it’s possible to add a “BCC” option to Form Pro as per a client request.

Really loving Form Pro - it’s great !


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Hi Adam @elixirgraphics ,

I was just testing a new Form Pro and noticed that the Check Box label gets underscores between words in the Email body. Is there any way to avoid this? Do I have to enter the label or field name in a particular way i.e.; non-breaking spaces or ?).

Right now it looks like this on the received form email: Email_me_about_new_

Also wasn’t sure if you saw my initial post on this thread about the BCC field option.


The label you see in the email body is the forms unique ID. Since unique IDs should not have spaces in them, this is why you’re seeing the underscores.

I did see the BCC request, but forgot to get back to it and reply. Sorry about that.

Do you have a use case for why a BCC is needed instead of a CC? Trying to decide why that would be a necessity for an email form submission.

If I use non-breaking spaces in the label will that get rid of the underscores?

Not sure why but the client wanted a copy BCC’d to her personal email address account which she didn’t want to be visible on the form emails going to her business email account. Perhaps because someone else will be handling her site emails, but don’t know for sure.


You can put whatever you like on the label. The text in the email doesn’t come from the label, but instead comes from the Field Name’s unique ID. You’ll need to follow the rules for the field names unique IDs which you can read on the documentation page.

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