Form Pro in latest update

Just updated to the new Foundry & Potion update. I notice that the Text child stack settings are reset to default in Forms Pro. Not really an issue but a heads up to anyone using the text child in Forms Pro.

I also notice that 2 extra text child stacks that I had added to Form Pro had disappeared after the recent update.

All my checkboxes and dropdowns are gone after the update. Adam wrote only the subject has to be done again. But I lost a lot of work.

Can you both send me your project files, as they were, before the update? If you have Time Machine or other backups before the update that would be best. Anything you changed or saved after the update won’t help, so it will need to be pre-update project files.

For now I’ll pull the Potion Pack update from the server to limit this if it is a wider problem. Will check back on this once I’ve had breakfast and such.

I also have a Form Pro where 2 fields are changed or missing after the update. I field (message) no longer has icon associated with it. Another field (URL) no longer on the form.

I’m sending you my zipped file and a screenshot of what it used to look like. I have the form on a page called “partials” inside a modal stack.

Thanks. I will have a look at this when I get back into the office. I’ll issue v1.2.4 today as well, which will revert Form Pro back to what it was before the update.

I’ve just pushed v1.2.4 live. This version reverts Form Pro to the exact way it was in v1.2.2. Please install this update and reopen your original project file previous to v1.2.3.

I should also say that there was a Stacks update this morning too.

It does not appear this was the Stacks update. This is something to do with the Form Pro updates.

@webdeersign – Do you have a copy of your project file pre-update that I can use for testing?

@elixirgraphics I do but won’t be back at that Mac until late tonight. It was a new project with all Foundry and no extra CSS and everything up to date. Pretty much only Form Pro on that page with 1 Text Area and 2 Text child stacks. RW7.5.5 OSX 10.12.6.

OK. I’ll look forward to your email with that project file, from pre-1.2.3-update, once you’re back at your Mac. :+1:

So far what I can tell is that since the new Select drop down field type for the Subject line inserts its own %slice%, which is how all of the fields are inserted into the for (think blue plus icon), Stacks is reassigning preexisting slices based upon this, which makes sense.

It is strange that I didn’t run into this in my testing, nor did beta testers. That being said – what I am going to do is depreciate the old stack, leaving it in Potion Pack, and also include the new version of Form Pro as well.

This will mean if you already have a Form Pro stack built using the current stack it will remain just the way it is, no changes to it. It will however mean that to use the new features (drop down subject line, label color pickers, etc) you’ll need to start a new Form Pro stack.

This will take a little work, but I hope to push out v1.2.5 today or tomorrow which would put this into place.


I’ve just implemented and released this update with the depreciated version of Form Pro. Release notes for this update are:

Note: After update, quit and restart RapidWeaver.

Form Plus

Important update: Fixes a bug that was introduced in v1.2.3 where form fields on existing Form Pro forms would disappear. This update fixes this problem as well as depreciates the old Form Pro stack. What does this mean for you?

This means that if you already have a Form Pro stack built using the current version of the stack it will remain just the way it is, no changes to it. These old instances of Form Pro will be labeled as Legacy stacks in their stack title. It will however mean that to use the new features introduced in this version (see below) you will need to start a new Form Pro stack.

What’s new in Form Pro?

  • Adds ability to use a drop down as the subject field for your form, using your own predefined drop down options.
  • Adds ability to insert a block of text within the form for information purposes using a child paragraph stack.
  • Adds icon to incorrectly validated fields.
  • Adds ability to customize the color of the labels and small note labels, as well as the small error message labels.
  • Adds class names for validator purposes dealing with color pickers.

One last thing to note – if you built a form using v1.2.3 of the Form Pro stack, you will likely have to start fresh. This could not be helped.