Form Pro problems

Hi, I have a simple contact form using Form Pro on one of my pages and I’m getting quite a lot of emails from people who cannot submit the form. There are also times when the form doesn’t get sent at all. I’ve looked through the documentation and there’s a bit on enabling ‘send using your email address’ which I have now enabled, but the form still seems to be giving people problems. Is there something I am doing wrong here?

The URL by the way is Thank you for your purchase If anyone wants to try it.

Have you enabled and configured your SMTP settings? Does the email address’s domain name in the Your Email field match the domain name of the site?

I did have the SMTP settings configured yes but I’ve turned it off at the minute to see if that made a difference… it didn’t as i’ve just had a order and no email was sent.
The email address does match the domain name yes.

My suggestions would be to check your spam folder. If they’re not landing there you host may be blocking or filtering them.

Thanks Adam. There’s nothing in my spam box, I’ll get in touch with the host and see if they have any answers.

You can send your project to me if you like and I can publish it here, but I already know the form works on my server. I can take a quick look over your settings to make sure there’s nothing in RW though that might be the cause. That said, I doubt that is the case.