Form Pro - Spam proof?

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I’m getting a lot of “SEO help” type spam, and I’m trying to get to the bottom of where it’s is coming from - I’m not pointing the finger at Form Pro, but wanted to ask whether the receiving email address is obfuscated in the code in any way? I have the Human Test enabled (are there plans for a Honey Pot in an update? IMHO it would be more elegant). Certainly, nothing unwanted is coming through in the form format that I’ve set.

I do also have 1LD’s Author Card on the page, as well as Stacks4Stacks’ Touchbase. I know Touchbase does obfuscation - not sure about Author Card, but Joe Workman has a great site which converts an email address to code, which I’ve used in the link field.



Hey @jacksona – Nothing is completely spam proof unfortunately, whether is it captchas, honey pots, or something else. The email address for the form should not be visible in the underlying code seen by bots or visitors, as it resides in the server-side PHP code. If you were getting a Form Pro formatted email with content then it would be more likely that a bot was spamming the form. I can’t speak for the rest of your content on the page.

Not sure why he’d send something to Nick. I don’t see any stacks mentioned here that are his.

@elixirgraphics Thanks Adam. I didn’t think it was the form, but glad to know the receiving email is hidden. I’ll look elsewhere!

Are there any plans to add Honeypot-type functionality?



I don’t currently have plans for a Honey Pot feature at this time.

Addendum: I’ll note this as a feature request as something to look at in the future.


Sorry, my bad. I mixed stacks. Will remove comment.

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For me also sometimes “SEO help” type spam, they somehow know I have those websites, but SpamSieve for Apple Mail is great help!

Re: converting email addresses to code: there a websites which do it as well.

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