Form Pro - validate phone numbers?

Would love it if Form Pro had a phone number field with validation. I’m currently using a text input that requires a minimum of 10 characters (area code + 7-digit number) but there’s nothing stopping users from entering a non-numeric character. Just a thought!

I’m currently working on Foundry stacks, including form stuff, so if you file a feature request for me I’ll be sure to get it in the next major update. Instructions for filing feature requests can be found here:

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Hey Adam,

Can I add two feature requests, please?

  1. Once a form has been submitted, a custom success message is sent to the person who has submitted the form, or even a standard one will suffice.
  2. The IP address of the person filling out the form is recorded in order to block the spam farms.


Sure. Here’s a post that detailing how to file a feature request—

:sunglasses: Thanks Adam! Much appreciated.