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RW 8.5 Foundry

I have set up a Form using the same email address as the site setting and the same domain as the site and the “send using your address” is ticked. The form works and sends an email but it is marked as spam by the addresses that actually receive the email. Some email accounts I have do not receive it at all.

The email headers mark the email as spam and show that the address used to send it is not the address in the form inspector. It seems this has been added by the server.

I am in conversation with hosting support.

Is there a possibility that there is a “call” in the code generated by the form that will use some kind of default address?

Any ideas gratefully received.



The form itself wouldn’t be responsible for the email ending up in your spam folder. That would most times have to do with your host and / or mail app.

to clarify.
The issue is; the form isn’t sent using the address specified in the form stack.

It is using another address related to the domain and due to the info in the email header is being flagged as spam.

the correct address is in the PHP file generated by RW. The address that the form appears to be sent from does not occur in the site docs.



further info from hosting support. They are saying that there is no from address in the files published to the server.


Good morning @Out

Hope you had a nice weekend. If you’d like to send me some things I can look over your problem.

Send me a ZIP file containing the following:

  • Your Project file (this is the file you open in RW when editing your site)
  • A Folder containing the published site from your server. I’d like to have it on hand to see what your host has looked at.

Also, let me know the following info:

  • Who is your host?
  • Is the server you’re using Unix or Windows based?

You can send the ZIP file to adam at elixirgraphics dot com

When you do it is best to use a service like Dropbox as the file size will likely be large.

@Out – Just got and responded to your email, but want to post the same details here for anyone following along…

The email address that is used here in your Form settings…

Screen Shot 2020-01-20 at 9.25.17 AM

… is both the email address the form contents will be sent to as well as the email address that is used for sending the form contents when you use the “Send using your email address” option.

The FROM name and email address for the email are always pulled from the form contents itself — meaning that the NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS provided by your site’s visitor, who is submitting the form, will populate those fields in the email itself.

The email address you’re currently having the contents sent to is an Apple address, but you’re also using the "Send using your email address” which should only be used when you’re using an email address associated with your host. In other words you’d need to be using a Webmate email address when using the “Send using your email address” feature as that is where you’re hosting your site.

As for your host saying there is no FROM address — it is being added to the email header, here (see below). This is how the From information is added to the email header using the PHP mail() function.