Formloom or Formsnap

Hi there , can anyone help me with Formloom or Formsnap, all is required is changing the font for textarea/labels , button etc but cannot do figure it out! Just want it to match the Google font I’m using in typeface which match’s the other pages ! Any help much appreciated:) .did email support but was advised need to add css

Do you have a URL to a page (Formloom or formsnap)?

Also might indicate what font you want to use where.

Thanks for the reply, using Google Montserrat font and working on all other pages but on formloom4 it’s not same font on the labels and send button

without seeing the page (you have pagesafe on the URL you messaged me).

My assumption is you want all labels on the form to have the same Font Faimly.

Try this CSS:

label {
   font-family: 'Montserrat', sans-serif!important;

I tried this on the formloom demo site

label {
    font-family: fantasy!important;

It worked, couldn’t test with the Google font.

thank you so much for that, for font weight would I add font-weight: 500; (as an example)? also then send button do you know how to change that??

Yes you can change the weight and size the same way, looks like you will need the !important on the end:

abel {
    font-family: fantasy!important;
    font-weight: 800!important;
    font-size: xxx-large!important;

just use any weight you loaded and any proper size.

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thanks buddy … like I said really helped