FormPro: Link to a new page after submit


I would like for my page to stand out a bit more. So whenever someone uses the formpro on my site to send me a mail, I would like him to be redirected to a “thank you” page instead of just displaying the green success message.

Is this possible and how could I achieve this?

Feature-Request for sometime later: Add a possibility to link to a separate URL in case of success as well as in case of an error.

Hey there @Fuellemann

That would take reworking the way the stack functions. Currently the form’s contents are posted to the current URL. This is because the code which processes the POST data and send the form is on this page. To do what you’d like to do would require writing the stack to work much differently. It would require splitting the stack into two pieces. One for the form and another for the POST page which would process the contents of the form. This is much less user friendly and open to more problems caused by user error.

I see. Is there a way to “add” a function that after a successful sending, a redirect happens? And nothing else which might require so many changes? Of course I do not want to be less user-friendly :slight_smile:

Thank you for the explanation!

The “redirect” on a form submission happens based off of the action that is supplied in the <form> tag. This action points to the page where the form should go to process the POST data submitted in the form.

As I mentioned above the code for processing that data is located in the page the form is on when using the Form and Form Pro stacks. This is why the page “reloads” after a submission. It is being “redirected” to the same page so that the POST data can be processed and send the email. To do otherwise would require re-writing the stack to make it function differently, as outlined in my initial replay above.

It would require changing the way the stack operates, which would fundamentally change how it works for all existing forms. It would require a second stack for data processing that would go on the “success page” as well.

This isn’t a path I’m going to go down with these stacks. It isn’t that the idea isn’t a good one, just that it isn’t doable without restructuring the stack’s basic functionality. Sorry.

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No problem :slight_smile: thanks…