Forms Pro .... no email


My forms pro looks like it works except that the email does not arrive.

Could this be because I host my clients site as a subdomain on my chillidog hosting account?

No a sub-domain should have no influence o we anything.

If you e ensured with 100% certainty that everything is configured correctly — that you’re using your host’s SMTP server and you’re correctly using the send using my email address option and your email address’ domain name matches the site’s domain name then…

It is likely that one of the following is the problem:

  1. Your email client app is sorting it out as junk mail.
  2. Your host’s email server is sorting it out as junk mail before it gets to your email client.
  3. Or you don’t have thing setup correctly. See above again.
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Gosh thanks fgor the quick answer ! I need to check SMTP etc…