Awesome updates in version, @elixirgraphics!
Have just been checking them all out and adjusting some things on my site with the changes you’ve made. Your efforts are definitely appreciated!



I was actually hoping for some mayor updates… probably on the next update for sure.

Glad you’re enjoying the new features @GaryW17! There’s more to come.


Not sure what you consider a major update @tino, but some of the updates within v1.2.4.0 are pretty big.


Hi Adam, I was hoping to see some extra Form components, more ToolTip options and some new stacks (more advanced features) for example.

Unfortunately, the new language option does not work.
When the option is selected on “french”, for example, the site code remains with “<html lang ="en">
Would it be possible to fix this bug?

@BendeParis – if you could send me a zip file containing your project file that would help me out greatly.

Well, I have several sites and the same problem on all.
I just did a test with a blank site. Just with the “foundry” stack.
“French” selected in “page langage”.
Same problem: the code displays : "<Html lang = "en">"

@BendeParis Like I said it would be helpful to have your project file on hand. This way when I’m doing testing is can also test against your project to make sure things work for you when all is said and done.

bug (51.0 KB)
Here is a blank site with “French” selected in page language.
The code displays “en” instead of “fr”

When I load your project file and go to Preview Mode and look at the underlying HTML using the Inspector it appears to be set to French (<html lang="fr">):

I do not understand. Here’s what I got.
Same thing when I publish my sites. (RW 7.3.2)

The <html> tag’s language is set via javascript on page load. Is there any chance that you have javascript disabled in your browser for some reason?

Are you also seeing <html lang="en"> within RapidWeaver’s preview mode?

Do you have a link to a published page I can have a look at?

Just a heads up, it is end of the day here, so if I don’t get back to you on this again tonight I will tomorrow.

Yes indeed. If I look with Firefox for example: “fr” appears.
But on Safari, it’s “en” that appears.
But Safari has Javascript enabled.
I do not understand the problem. (And on the published sites I manually corrected the “en” to “fr”)

When I view your exported project you sent over in Safari it shows as French here:

What version of Safari are you running?

safari 10.1. the last one.

I just did a test on another mac, where I have an another RW installed.
A blank site / foundry / french language.
Same problem on Safari.

It is very strange. I too am on v10.1 here under the latest OS X update:

I even tested on it on another machine that I keep a few version behind (v10.0) and it shows fine there, as well:

Here’s a published URL with your project file you sent me, does it appear correctly there for you?

What version of RapidWeaver are you using currently?

no. i see “en” on safari (on both mac)

but i see “fr” on firefox.