Foundry 2 - Remote Image not showing for Banner Stack

Good morning,

I’m playing around with the new settings for remote images, since I use to have all my images in the RW resources anyway.

So setting the banner stack to use a remote image and link it to the image in the RW resources, shows nothing. It’s linked, but the banner remains empty.

It works on normal images and even the gallery, though I only get a blue square with a ? in edit mode, but it shows the image when previewed.

Other than that… if someone could explain me the pros and cons of using drag & drop vs using remote images … please enlighten me. Maybe I’m making it more complicated than I should?

That’s simple: If you use a remote image in the resources and reference it from there on several pages, it’s getting automatically updated on all those pages when you exchange or relink this image in the resources.
A great benefit you get from remote images is when you’re hosting them on your web-server, which can very easily be done via an FTP tool like Transmit or Cyberduck. If you have for example 50 or much more images in your site, you can link to each image via the remote setting of a stack. This way your project file stays small, which highly reduces the time when saving your project. And when you exchange an image on the server, it’s automatically updated on the site without touching RapidWeaver.

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Thanks, that clears things up for me. The problem with Banners images not showing or just getting blue questionmarks in edit mode still remains though. Anyone else experiencing that?

If you have a project file that you can zip up Adam will want to see it. He can take a look at it to see what’s going on.

Hi there @pumpkin – The Remote Image feature is meant to pull an image from your server as @RapidBase described.

While you can try to use it for linking to images in RapidWeaver’s Resources you’re going to run into problems as the paths for Resources inside of RW’s Edit and Preview modes are different when used in a a CSS file from when they’re published unfortunately.

This means that when I link to them inside of the CSS for the Banner stack’s background image they’re not going to show properly in Edit and Preview Modes. This isn’t something I have control over. If I remember correctly I spoke with @Isaiah about this a while back and he said he would look to see if there’s a workaround. I don’t know that there will be a workaround for it though.

If you want to use images from your Resources I would suggest the Drag-and-Drop image type. Just drag the image from your resources into the image well in the Banner stacks’s settings. The Remote images are really meant just for linking to images on your server.

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Thanks for you detailed reply, Adam. Much appreciated.

Sure thing. Not a problem. I believe one of the beta testers ran into this, which lead me to talk to Isaiah about it. It has to do with how resources are parsed inside of the CSS file vs how they’re parsed elsewhere. The Remote Image features are probably going to be most beneficial when used from your server though as @RapidBase points out.