Foundry 3 and Thunder Pack

I understand that Thunderpack uses jQuery and that has been done away with in F3. Because I’ve used Sort for my customers to find products, can I have one section of my site running F2 while the rest is using F3?

This isn’t the only reason you can’t use Thunder Pack with Foundry 3. They use completely different versions of Bootstrap, which do not work together, among other things.

You could build two pages using different Foundry theme and Control Centers, along with their appropriate tools, but I would not suggest it. There’s lots of potential to mistakenly use the wrong tools with the wrong version, as well as the fact that the two versions of Foundry have a lot of differences in style, etc.

Two pages is not ideal, I agree - especially in terms of style. Any advice on how to deal with the lack of a Sort Stack for F3?

You can find a sorting tool on the Marketplace or Made for Stacks sites perhaps?


Other than trying any of the solutions out, would most work? I’ve looked (but not tried) sortstacks, for example.

I would definitely suggest trying Will’s stacks first. It seems he makes 4-5 stacks that broadly fit into the “sorting” category. Another benefit: you can demo his stacks before you purchase. Here’s the list of sort-related stacks he offers:

I imagine most/all will work fine with Foundry, but it’s always prudent to test out with a demo first.


Maybe these could work:

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@jjbham I was in the same predicament. I landed on Sort Stack by S4S as a good alternative to use with F3. Go to: SortStack | Stacks4Stacks