Foundry 3 - Awesome!

F3 is awesome. :+1: :slightly_smiling_face: Nice job Adam.
I downloaded it late last night so not had much time to get my head around it all, but so far I’m well impressed. Loving that you can change logo when the nav bar goes sticky. Been wanting to do this for ages. Also, great to now have some quick options for mobile toggle icons. The documentation and support vids is really thorough. Its obvious how much work has gone into this. This is a huge update - theres no doubt. Thanks Adam @elixirgraphics


Thank you so much @James249! It is really great to hear you’re enjoying the new additions and changes to Foundry 3. It is definitely different than Foundry 2, but still retains the basics of how Foundry works, while adding a few layers of functionality.

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I second the motion… Im VERY impressed and the amount of work going into F3 did not go unnoticed !