Foundry 3 Crashes in Monterey

Hi there

I’ve finally found a moment to load Rapidweaver and Foundry 3 into my new MacBook running Monterey.

It seems to crash as soon as I apply the F3 theme. I have no problem running Foundry 2 however.

Is there something I should be adjusting to run it?


Foundry is just a bundle of HTML, CSS and javascript. Nothing that executes as an app. I suspect you’re getting a RapidWeaver and / or Stacks crash, both of which are executables unlike Foundry. You’ll want to provide your crash report to Realmac Software and YourHead Software.

Hey @elixirgraphics

Thanks Adam for the prompt reply as always! I just downloaded an update for RW8 and looks to have fixed it. You beat me to that update : )

Working great now.


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