Foundry 3 Display Errors

I am finally learning F3 after working with F2 for a few years. For now I use the support site, the videos and the templates.

I’ve come across two things which don’t seem to have any impact functionally, but I just wanted to point out:

  1. the display in edit mode is a bit confusing and I wonder what that could be due to. The stacks elements are not displayed correctly, or incompletely, and when you click on them, they are redrawn. However, when you scroll, it is rendered that way again. Screenshots are attached and my technical data is below.

  2. when I wanted to have a quick look at something in the HTML code in Mercury_Starter_Kit I saw an error message because of the Foundry theme.
    First I had already chosen the theme V2 and then I changed it. In the meantime the program has been restarted several times. But the code snippet is still there.


macOS 13.5.2
RW Classic 9.2.0 (21059)
Foundry v.3.2023.09.06

Hi, for the first one, please disable the acceleration in the toolbox:

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@dogbone The message you refer to in the code is there so that it can be displayed to you the user in Preview Mode, warning you that you’ve chosen the wrong theme. This code will remain there in as that is how it is possible for Foundry to convey this information if you switch themes. This code does not get published when you export or publish your site.

Thank you very much! I have completely overlooked.

Many thanks also to you for the as always very detailed clarification!

BTW: I got used to this toolbox and I don’t want to miss it anymore. It is also very practical that you can not only move an object, but also use Option-drag to insert a copy of it in another place. Especially with nested objects this is extremely practical instead of copy&paste. I can even save and close the RW file with an item in the toolbox and next time the content is still in the toolbox and I can drag it where I want.

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Thanks! I really like Toolbox as well. Have been thinking on ways to add to it as well. Perhaps the next major version of Foundry can further iterate on what Toolbox is capable of.

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I’m sure you can think of some crazy things you can do with Toolbox. :wink:
With the fact that you can move several elements from different places into Toolbox and reinsert them in different places, in addition to the other things I mentioned, it’s almost perfect for me. But maybe it can somehow be extended to the whole document and not “only” for one page at a time. I am just thinking out loud :innocent:

Unfortunately that’s not content that can be shared across pages.