Foundry 3 documentation request

@elixirgraphics, I have a suggestion and/or request. I often refer to your Foundry 3 playlist on YouTube, and throughout your videos you’ll often suggest to viewers that they refer to the F3 documentation, which I agree is a great suggestion.

Can you add links to specific F3 documentation in your YouTube video descriptions?

I often watch your tutorials on the largest device available, whether my Mac, an iPad, the YouTube app on my TV — even my phone, and at the same time will try and use another device to follow up with reading the documentation you’re advising to read, but navigating the documentation is difficult, particularly on the phone.

You’ve obviously worked very hard for all of us to maximize our Foundry 3 experience, and I do want to take advantage of all the tools you’ve built, I’d just love to be able to follow along easier with your written documentation while watching your videos.

Thanks Adam.

Just great stuff. Truly stunning.

Follow up question.

For example, under your Cinema documentation is the statement “The tutorial video for the Cinema tool walks your through how to use these controls as well as offers advice on converting your videos to the needed formats.”

Where is the Cinema tutorial video?

Are you just looking for a link at the bottom of the description of each YouTube video that goes to the specific page? I’m not sure I understand since clicking that would take you out of full-screen mode. You can open the documentation page and the slideout has links to all the documentation pages in the same groupings as in the Stacks Library:

Hasn’t been recorded. Over several months I wrote all of the documentation and just didn’t get around to every single video yet. I likely wrote that copy and amongst everything else I was doing forgot that that bit of text existed. I’m unfortunately just one person, so I do what I can when I can. It’ll come eventually when I have the time amongst everything else. :blush:

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I use a couple of copy and paste apps (Copied*, PastePal, PasteNow) that are immediately shared from Mac to iPad and iPhone and vice versa. It just speeds things up. I think some direct links would be helpful.

*Copied has been discontinued but still works fabulously.