Foundry 3 Form BCC email not Working

I have been unsuccessful in getting a copy to my two email addresses that I placed in the BCC section. I get the email to my sites email address so no issues there, I have written to myself over and over to test, but not to the BCC emails. I should point out that these are different email addresses. The reason this is important is that I check these two emails daily whereas it is more complicated to check the sites email regularly.
I am using SMTP for the sites email. For BCC I put in a name, I guess that means nothing and then the email address which I have checked is correct ( I use text expansion so no spelling errors). Am I missing something??

Just as an addition to the issue. If I tick the CC box so the sender gets a copy that works. However, the BCC still does not work.

Hi @Hoppy,

A lot of hosts prevent forms sending out emails beyond the domain of your website. So if you’re BCC-ing anything other than @yourdomain.tld, it might be blocked by the host.


@Erwin-Leerentveld Thanks for that. Not sure how I would check if that is the case. When I logged in to my server there was no messages regarding blocking anything. That said I have been out of the loop for 10 years and just started to upgrade my site now. Its not the end of the world.

Hi @Hoppy,

It doesn’t usually show up in logs.

What happens is this:

  • a contact form runs in PHP on your hosts’ server
  • the host blocks PHP from sending out emails alltogether
  • the hosts then creates an exception rule that states PHP can only mail if the target address falls within the same domain.

This means that you can enter any email address in the TO:, CC: and BCC: fields, but the host will block the mail from actually being sent out if that address ends in anything other than @yourwebsite.tld

Say your website is, the above means you can send out emails to but not or (for example).

to check if this is the case for you, open the inspector panel while hightlighting the Form stack and check what mail address you entered there.


Let me take a look at this. Like @Erwin-Leerentveld mentioned hosts usually prefer the sent from email address the form uses to be associated with the domain, but the CC and BCC should work most times with other addresses as long as you’re using SMTP. This feature worked during testing, but that doesn’t mean something isn’t wrong or that something changed that is now negatively affecting it.

I’m a little slowed down right now as I sliced open my thumb and had to get stitches yesterday, but I will take a look and see if I can troubleshoot it.

So it looks like when I was editing something else in that PHP file I missed closing one of the Stacks conditional tags fully so it was not adding BCC addresses to the form at all. I’ll have this fixed in the next update. :+1:


Thanks Adam for taking the time. No worries. Take care of that thumb,

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It has been fixed. It’ll go out in the next update. My goal is an update next week but that is fluid right now.