Foundry 3 Form - send email


Anyone know if I can send a customised email from F3 Form when a successful submit has occurred?
I know I can send the contents of the form with the “CC Form Submission to Visitor” option but I would like to send a pre-customised email with other info in it.

Any help appreciated please.

Cheers, Lance

Hi @lance.harris — no, the form tool does not send a custom email to the visitor upon submission of the form.

Ok got… thanks Adam.

Hi @lance.harris - if you’re looking for a form that sends a custom email I recommend Super Forms 2 from One Little Designer. It provides a redirect option to a ‘thank you’ page on completion of the form. It also has a built-in setting that allows you to submit the form data to a Google spreadsheet instead of an email address. Hope that’s useful . Kind Regards | Justin :grinning:

Hey thanks Justin and very useful info.
I’ll have a look at Super Forms.
I have been using FormSnap 3 but I’m not keen on the formatting. I do love the Foundry 3 Form fields, real smart.
Cheers, Lance

Also, Lance, take a look at FormsPlus by Chillidog. It’s the most advanced Form stack I’ve come across. FormPlus - Chillidog Store

Thanks MisterB, I’ve settled and paid for SuperForms 3 now. It has all the features I need. Could have a bit more in the formatting but nothing I can’t work around.
I did have a look at FormsPlus but not much in the way of demos on the Chillidog site so hard to see how good (or bad) it is :slight_smile: